Choozily Rewards Program


…are the words describing Choozily Rewards Program!

In our Rewards Program, you earn purchase points called “Chooz Coins” by various activities on Choozily such as purchasing or reviewing products. Then you can redeem your Chooz Coins for discounts. This will give our customers an easy way to save money. This is yet another way to show our appreciation for our loyal customers.

We will even get you started by applying 100 Chooz Coins to your account once you create your free account on Choozily!

We don’t get any financial profit when you take advantage of this rewards program. It’s just a way for us to drive the price down and show our appreciation for your loyalty.


How to Earn Chooz Coins

There are different ways to earn Chooz Coins:

  • Each and every purchase will reward you 2 Chooz Coins for each $1 spent. From time to time there will be limited time promotions to earn even more Chooz Coins per each dollar spent.
  • Submit a product review and when it’s approved you will earn 20 Chooz Coins for each review.
  • New customers will earn 100 welcome coins once they create their free account on Choozily.
  • Moreover, when you’ve earned your first 500 coins, you will receive 50 bonus coins.
  • Also, look for our coin promotion announcements! You can earn extra coins when you participate in the coin promotions.

You can see that Chooz Coins can accumulate fast. It’s all up to you how serious you are in earning them.


How to Redeem Chooz Coins

Simply select in your cart how many coins you wish to redeem.

  • 100 Chooz Coins = $1 discount off your purchase price.
  • The minimum coins required to redeem is 300 Chooz Coins.
  • You don’t have to redeem in increments once the minimum requirement is met.
  • The maximum number of Chooz Coins redeemable is the amount that makes your purchase price free. For example, if purchase price is $8, you can redeem up to 800 Chooz Coins.

To see your coins balance and history please log in to your Choozily account.

Note: Chooz Coins are applied to your account based on the subtotal purchase price so if coupons or discounts are applied, the number of coins rewarded will be reduced accordingly. If an order is canceled or refunded, the corresponding coins will be removed. Chooz Coins are expired 120 days after they are earned. In order to participate in our Rewards Program you must be logged in to your account.