Quick Draw McGraw Baba Looey Funko Vynl 2 Pack SDCC Exclusive


Order now Funko Vynl Quick Draw McGraw & Baba Looey 2-Pack SDCC 2018 Exclusive vinyl figures from Hanna Barbera cartoon show.

Don’t miss this awesome Limited Edition Vynl that is an SDCC Summer Convention 2018 Exclusive.

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There’s no “i” in Vynl. because there’s always two figures! Howdy, y’all. This is a friendly missive that sheriff Quick Draw McGraw and deputy Baba Looey are on the prowl and fixen to catch them some scalawags. This Vynl. pair from The Quick Draw McGraw Show lend a certain rustic, western charm to any collection.

This Hanna Barbera Vynl. 2-pack is a limited edition shared Summer Convention San Diego Comic Con 2018 Exclusive.

Relatively new series of collectible figures by Funko, called Vynl, is getting traction in from collector community fast. Don’t miss this awesome Vynl 2 Pack cartoon collectible. Take Quick Draw McGraw+Baba Looey today.

Not suitable for children age 3 years or younger due to chocking hazard.

Vynl: Hanna Barbera-2pk Quick Draw McGraw/Baba Looey

1 review for Quick Draw McGraw Baba Looey Funko Vynl 2 Pack SDCC Exclusive

  1. Winston C

    Baba Looey is my favorite character here. This 2 pack Vynl is sooo cute!!

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